Thu. Jan 17th, 2019

The Ten Commandments for Martinis

A bit sloppy but if you can afford caviar it is great with Martinis
  1. Thou shall freeze thy gin and vodka by keeping in the freezer. Vermouth must as a minimum be kept in the fridge but never used at room temperature.
  2. Thou shall serve in chilled glasses. This can be best accomplished by freezing your glasses in the freezer or adopting the New Jersey method of pouring water and ice cubes in Martini glasses 30 minutes prior to the pour.
  3. Thou must shake the heck out of the concoction in the shaker. Now my New York City Martini expert Mr. G. warns me that ice chips and smaller ice cubes can fragment and these fragments can melt quickly and lead to a watered-down Martini. This is one reason Mr. G prefers his Martinis stirred as opposed to shaken. Personally, I like a little bit of icy froth on a well shaken Martini and that’s not a problem if you drink it within 4 minutes. However, Mr. G’s comments deserve consideration as he is a foremost expert on Martinis
  4. Thou must determine how much vermouth to add (if any). Vermouth smoothest thy Martini. Does thou wish it smooth or edgy?
  5. Thou must be willing to experiment with different vodka, gins and garnishments such as olives, pearl onions or lemons.
  6. Thou must realize some sort of nibbles may be required such as curried cashew nuts. Oysters are next to heavenliness with a vodka Martini.
  7. Thou must drink a Martini in under 4 minutes. A warm martini is a sin.
  8. Thou must respect that special breed of person who loves Martinis. They are the Knights of Templar of cocktails.
  9.  Martinis must be consumed without excessive distraction.
  10. The golden rule must be adhered to at all times. One Martini you are talking to your host. Two Martini’s you are talking about your host. Three Martinis and you are under your host.

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