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“Ubiquity”: Those Poor Canaries in a Coal Mine

We are supposedly enamored with our connectivity in a modern wold, but it takes an engineering effort of cell towers. Of course, we must delve into the effects of all these cell towers and internet connectivity. For Zuckerberg it is a mission he has not clearly thought through. Connectivity at what price and what censorship with thousands of Pilipino “content moderators”.
For you and me perhaps there are no adverse effects. But for a minority of persons there is a horrific effect. This ranges from ringing in the ears to dizziness and massive anxiety.
This documentary film traces EU and Japanese victims of Electro Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). a minority but as one victim said we are a “canary in a coal mine:”. Headaches, dizziness and a whole host of physical ailments. Some are driven to rural environments. Others suffer in an urban environment.
I like the “canary in a coalmine” comparison. These poor people are just the beginning of what we can expect as a mass civilization?
These victims of EHS are not flakes or weirdos but average citizens strangely affected by EHS. It seems to amount how long before we are also affected? So many people have their snouts so deeply engrossed in their phones I rather challenge their courage to even think about the issues this film raises.
(”Ubiquity”, Netherlands/Switzerland/Belgium, 2017, Director Bregtie van der Haak , 82 minutes, Dutch and French with English Subtitles, Showing as Part of Toronto 2018 Hot Docs Film Festival ).

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