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Toronto Jewish Film Festival: “My Polish Honeymoon”

This is a delicate film in that it attempts to inject a bit of humour into a film about a young modern day married Jewish couple Anna (Judith Chelma) and Adam (Stefan Zweig) leaving their baby Simon behind in their Paris apartment with Anna’s parents so they can visit the Polish village of Zgierz where Adam’s family and the rest of the village was exterminated in the Second World War.

The humour is subtle and based on interpersonal relationships and not on the extermination. Is it there for laughs or just to illustrate that many Jews who lost relatives in the Holocaust have a life that is not solely focused on the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust?

Anna and Adam are both elated and a bit paranoid about being in Poland. They finally arrive at Zgierz and who pops up unexpectedly. Irene who is Anna’s mother. As a viewer you just know something is up. She shares a secret about why she never talked about her mother who was exterminated at Zgierz. It just shows that those who survived the Holocaust and their progeny are scarred deeply.

The film does not delve into the role of the Poles in the Holocaust. That complicated subject might be best dealt with in another film. 

It shows May 9th at Cineplex Empress Walk at 8 p.m.and May 11th at 9 p.m. at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Theatre . This 2018 French film is 88 minutes in length and its director is novice Elise Otzenberger.

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