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Toronto Jewish Film Festival: Death Metal Grandma

For a 96-year-old Inge Ginsberg can really belt it out in a Death Metal band. She’s a Holocaust escapee, a spy and Hollywood songwriter who even wrote a hit for Dean Martin! She describes herself as a Vienna princess who studied music from 6-16 years of age.

She escaped the Nazi persecution in Austria by hiking over the mountains into Switzerland. She says she escaped the Holocaust and made her fortune because of her smile. She makes videos, appears on TV shows and is generally unstoppable.

She’s sharp, full of philosophy and at 96 she has to keep changing gears to remain in the game.

I love it when she says you know when you die if you have done everything you want you are going to heaven but if you are saying I should have done this or that you are on your way to hell.

There is a lot of food for though in this 13-minute documentary directed by Leah Gallant. Plays on May 8th at 8.p.m at Innis Town Hall along with “Barbara Rubin and the Exploding New York Underground” a film which I hope to review.

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