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“The Art of Deception”; Clean and Quiet Spy Thriller

Slater ready to extract teeth from Val!

Are you tired of the “Mission Impossible”/” Bourne Identity”/ “James Bond” franchise with decibel breaking, smashing, spectacular and seemingly impossible human feats? If you are looking for a more realistic “spy thriller” you may find it in the American film “The Art of Deception”.

The plot is a bit bizarre with elements of “Fantastic Voyage” embedded in it.

A rouge CIA Deputy Director of Science, Deputy Smith (Leon Van Waas) is working on “Project Red Chip” with scientist Stern. The plot is that a virus will be introduced world wide and the vaccine will include a chip that attaches to the human brain subjecting the brain to mind control via computer .And then the US Vice President who is in on the Project will depose the President and take mind control of the world.

 Stern (Craig Bruenell) is tekkie geek brilliant but barely able to interact with other humans in a believable fashion. It is either atrocious or brilliant acting. I’ll give him the doubt and say it is a brilliant performance of an alienated but very intelligent man At one point I say he is ruining the film yet the next moment he appears as a man totally out his element and threatened into complicity by Deputy Smith..

Stern is assisted by Joseph Markham (Richard Ryan) who in turn is married to Val Markham (Jackie Nova). In one scene they admit to having a stressful past life they escaped from. Nova does a superb job of acting being able to joyful and ebullient then in another moment as tough as nails spitting out venom. Strangely both the Markham’s are trained fighters of the highest degree.

Well Joseph overhears Smith and Stern discussing the evil project and knows his termination “with extreme prejudice” is coming. Battling his way through buff security guards with deadly physical force he escapes but Smith and his boys capture Val and cold and efficient hit man Slater interrogates her as she is strung up on a rope with Slater pulling out her teeth to extract a confession. I am thinking :”Marathon Man” with  Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier.

Joseph is pursued by Smith’s men and is shot and stumbles into his brother’s house. It so happens brother is quite a hacker and well connected to explosive experts.

Well Smith learns that Joseph and Val are not really the Markham’s but the Cunningham’s former CIA trained assassins supposedly killed in a mission. Not even Joseph’s and Val’s parents know they are alive.

I won’t spoil matters for you but needless to say by vicious hand to hand combat and well-placed explosives (and with a baseball bat for Slater) poetic justice is well served.

Ryan is the director of this 1 hour and 36-minute film and Nova and Ryan are executive producers.

The film will arrive on DVD & VOD on October 8, platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Vudu, and FandangoNOW. 

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