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Tattoo of Revenge: Intriguing Mexican Film

The film reminds me in some ways of Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” where there is a revenge of sorts for the murder of actress Sharon Tate in Hollywood.

In this case it is a women Aida (Diana Lein) who roofies men who have raped women and then makes enormous tattoos on their chest.

The film is very clever in that it leaves gaps or even contradictions for its viewers to deal with. The director is playing with us. So much so I have seen the film three times and feel I need a few more views. So you have to be on your toes for this. You might say its sloppy filmmaking and you could be right but an intriguing plot.

There is cutting criticism of the Mexican media particularly “The Sultry Voice” from a radio station that calls Aida “The Avenger”. The Sultry Voice has psychic shams, offers contests and generally sensationalizes the Avenger for every cent she can.

It appears to many that Aida, her family and domestics were murdered in a house invasion. Yet later we see footage of her faking her suicide. This is puzzling. Why are we given two possible realities to deal with? Is Aida dead or a ghost?

Aida was a famous feminist photographer and another photographer Vincente recognizes her photographic style in photographs taken at a tattoo scene thinking only Aida could have taken these photos and he is right.

As one victim of rape said there is no justice in Mexico for rape victims. How timely given the demonstrations in Mexico last weekend about rapes by policemen?

The film extends beyond individual revenge but exposes political and police corruption in a porno manufacturing ring.

Interesting soundtrack accompanies this ambitious film that tends to meander a bit near the end. Shot in a photographic frame in both colour and black and white. This 2 ½ hour film demands your complete attention. Again I am conflicted whether this is sloppy filmmaking or a director and screen writers simply playing with your mind. Whatever it is do not expect to be handed a simplistic film on a silver platter.

The last film I reviewed that I had to see three times was Coriolanus a Stratford production. Shakespeare in Mexico? I have 7 pages of notes on this film! I will not spoil it by giving out too many details. As the director has been playing with my mind I may have missed the mark.

As for release on September 17th it will be released on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Vudu, FandangoNOW, and through local cable & satellite providers. It will also be available on DVD. 

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