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“Strawberry Flavored Plastic”: Naïve Documentary Filmmakers Get Suckered in by Charming Psychopath Killer

Ellis Archer and Errol Morgan portray two novice filmmakers attempting to produce and direct a documentary on Noel Rose who they believe is a double murderer sent up to Sing Sing for 16 years but due to good behaviour and positive psychological reports he is out on parole in 9. Well after some belated due diligence there is a discovery made he hasn’t ever been in jail. Somehow he convinces the filmmakers he is a serial killer. Of course that might just be true as in the area they live and are filming the documentary the opening of the film has text saying in Peeskill, New York there are 7 unsolved murders in 2016.

And the film does start with Noel removing a blood-stained set of overalls and driving away in an underground garage leaving a body on the pavement then the sound of frantic 911 calls jangles your ears.

Ellis and Errol still decide to continue filming despite that fact they hear from Noel he is a serial killer. However, after such a fraud Noel becomes more unbelievable. No doubt he is charming and evenly confusingly intellectual. But the way I see it I can tell he his lying most of the time because his stories are so fabricated and he becomes overly eloquent and theatrical when he delivers stories designed to garner sympathy from the filmmakers and his psychiatrist.

He is subject to uncontrollable rages and has “an itch” to murder as he says. So the boys load him up with body cameras and a dashcam that he can muse into when he is in the car. And even record his murders.

We witness a video of him breaking into a home and murdering a sleeping husband and terrorizing his wife. We don’t know if the filmmakers ever saw that. He is far from charming in that scene.

He hooks up with his ex-girlfriend who reveals her three hear old daughter is actually Noel’s. He obtains sole custody as she is moving west to join her boyfriend, she doesn’t want daughter Gabriela to see some of his unsavory habits. He seems happy but his violent outbursts continue.

There are definitely some chilling moments in the film that has a sort of raw “Night of the Living Dead” mixed with a psychopathic “Natural Born Killers”. But it seems rawer as its shot is somewhat of a less than highly professional documentarian style.

Near the end of the film Noel announces he is cutting off contact with the filmmaker but says he’s planning something catastrophic. He had also said days ago to the filmmakers, “I owe you a whole lot. I’ll find a way to pay you back.”

Errol’s wife , Lana, is at home and watches something of her computer that causes her to panic and call 911 and say she feels Noel is going to do something horrible to Gabriela. We then flash to Noel who is loading Gabriela into a car. The next time its Noel with his body cam breaking into someone’s home and murdering her in a graphic and savage way. Who has he killed?

The screen then flashes that there are 4 unsolved murders in Boothbay, Maine.

Let your imagination ride!

And from a legal perspective have you heard “accessory to murder”.

An extremely charming Noel says while the credits are rolling prompted by a question from Errol does he have any rules. Noel responds no women and children then laughs.

A quasi-mocumentary with a study of a self admitted serial killer. Skillful at acting and feeding the filmmakers and his psychiatrist what they want to hear. His weakness are his outbursts of rage. As for strawberry plastic Noel heard this from his colleague at work who did not want his daughter to be a strawberry fabricated super sweet person faking an innocent façade with an innocent veneer.

This performance by Noel (Aidan Bristow) shows a very skilled actor at ease as loving father, charming psychopath, vicious killer, big deceiver and a troubled man. Ellis Archer (Nicholas Urdu) and Errol Morgan (Andres Montejo) also put on strong performances. This 147-minute film was made in 2017. It is available to Canadians as of May 7th on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, FandangoNOW, Vudu DVD as well, but retailers are unknown at this time.

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