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Sicily as Somewhere to Escape From: Time Changes Opinions for Some! “Drive Me Home”

Northern Italians do not have a high opinion of Sicily. Peasants, Mafia, poverty and cultural backwardness. It becomes quickly apparent in “Drive Me Home” even a couple of teenage Sicilians Antonio (Vinicio Marchioni) and Agostino in this film “Drive Me Home” have a huge desire to leave their small town and they express this desire strongly on top of a hill by an abandoned villa. They both eventually leave to more northerly Europe where Antonio becomes a truck driver and Agostino into a far better paying job than Sicily would have offered him.

They lose touch and mysteriously link up in their thirties and off they go on a trucker road trip carrying on some teenage antics. Antonio is gay but Agostino (Marco D’Amore well known for his playing of a ruthless mobster in the Gomorrah series) is heterosexual but that does not stop them going to a weird gay bath house where Antonio is well known amongst the gay men and Agostino links up briefly with a lesbian couple.

Breaking Glass Pictures out of Philadelphia is a leading distributor of “indie films”. A welcome relief from Hollywood palaver. But I really think they have missed the mark on this in their marketing material when they label this an “LGBTQ road trip gem”. It more about a gay man and his heterosexual friend rediscovering their friendship and their love for Sicily.

The abandoned villa they started at in the beginning of the film is for sale and we discover that Antonio’s father is a bidder. Antonio’s father, the former mayor of their small Sicilian village was absolutely ashamed of his faggot son.

It is a road adventure movie with a bit of “Easy Rider” and “Smokey and the Bandit” combined. Eventually Antonio takes Agostino to a point in Italy where he can take a ferry to Messina in Sicily. and reconnect to his past which Antonio makes possible but has no desire to join Agostino.

There are no doubt some LGBTQ elements to the film but it is more about enduring friendship and how two different men react to their homeland of Sicily. One re-embraces it and the other rejects it.

At times a wonderful electro soundtrack.

As of September 24th, it will be released on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Vudu, FandangoNOW, and through local cable & satellite providers. It will also be available on DVD. 

Catch the trailer here

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