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“Seahorse”: Gay Transgender Man Carrying His Own Baby

Freddy holding ultrasound image of his baby he is carrying

There are a few thoughts to be harvested from reviewing yet another LGBTQ film.

Firstly, why am I being asked to review an increasing amount of LGBTQ films? Is it because I give them a fair shake in my reviews? Yes, that possibly could be an explanation but more likely is that LGBTQ films are becoming their own genre. In essence they follow the same plot lines and ideas of the traditional male-female heterosexual films so prevalent in the box office except their lead characters are LGBTQ. Initially this might be a bit shocking but watch a few of these films and the films are for the most part based on a tried true formula except the actors are living and portraying an LGBTQ world. I mean by the time I am in the great beyond golfing with my friend Walter in the Russian Orthodox section of heaven (on a day visitor’s pass) James Bond will be gay.

Secondly go beyond the shock value and focus on the film. Like all films in general some can be brilliant and that hurts because the mainstream will never get to see them. Others are ho hum. But you have to cross the barriers and keep an open mind. If you are stuck in the big blockbuster mainstream I am so sorry to hear that. I mean can you ever appreciate great wine if you are wedded to Californian Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay?

“Seahorse” was a struggle to watch for just about the entire film. Transgender man in the U.K. Freddie McConnell decides to become a “Dad” through artificial insemination. Just get beyond the fact a trans man is involved and the story takes a rather mundane trail of a person giving birth to a person. Go beyond that and think of trans men as less than “people” or just different people the film takes a complicated twist and being a trans man carrying a baby is admittedly a bit complicated and the film covers that discretely.

The end result is a bundle of joy and the celebration of another human brought into the world. This is a miracle most of us celebrate so in that respect is Freddy really that different from heterosexual ?

This documentary will be playing in Los Angles at OutFest 2019  on July 21st at the TCL Chinese Theatre. It is an 89 minute British film directed by Jeanie Finlay.

Details as for a Canadian release are not yet known.

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