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Quote of the Day:More James Baldwin from “Another Country” (1962)

“And the summer came, the New York summer, which is like no summer anywhere. The heat and noise began their destruction of nerves and sanity and private love and love affairs. The air was full of baseball scores and bad news and treacly songs; and the streets and bars were full of hostile people, made more hostile by the heat. It was not possible in this city, as it had been for Eric in Paris, to take a long and peaceful walk at any time of the day or night, dropping in for a drink at a bistro, or flopping down at a sidewalk café – the half dozen grim parodies of sidewalk cafés to be found in New York were not made for flopping. It was a city without oases, run entirely, insofar, at least, as human perception could tell, for money: and its citizens seemed to have lost entirely any sense of their right to renew themselves. Whoever in New York, attempted to cling to this right, lived in New York in exile from the life around him; and this paradoxically, had the effect of placing him in perpetual danger of being forever banished from any real sense of himself.”

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