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Pompeii? Are you Creeped Out?

Bacchus The God of Wine!; Photo Robert K. Stephen

Much of Pompeii rests in the Archaeological Museum in Naples. However a visit to Naples necessitates a visit to Pompeii.

Ready to brave the Circumvesuviana?: Photo Robert K. Stephen

First of all it is relatively easy to access from many towns and cities in the greater Neapolitan area. The cheapest and perhaps most entertaining way is to take the Circumvesuviana commuter train. Keeping a close eye for pickpockets and enjoying the gypsies playing accordion music and working the crowds for handouts you’ll be in a milk run train without any WC nor any air conditioning. Half the fun is not getting there on the budget Circumvesuviana. But spend a bit more and take the Campanian Express where you might get 6 stops from Naples instead of the 25 stops you’ll have to endure on the Circumvesuviana. At least you’ll get air conditioning.

Poor victim: Robert K. Stephen Photo

Try to arrive before noon as the line ups can be huge particularly in July and August. Pick up a guide at the gates of entrance not as you exit the train station. Admission is 15 Euros unless you are under 18 in which case it is free.

The amphitheater: Photo Robert K. Stephen

It is really a visual experience tempered with a modern historical fact that the eruption of Vesuvius equalled some 500 nuclear bombs of the Hiroshima variety. Can you imagine that? What incredible power. While 86 hectares have been uncovered 22 hectares still have to be excavated! With that fact I am stunned. Those who failed to escape were fried by incredibly hot gas in seconds.

Pompeii vineyards in the traditional Roman Style; Photo; Robert K. Stephen

Now for a bit of trivia. There are 12 small vineyards in Pompeii reproduced in the traditional Roman style and all are owned by Italian wine producer Mastroberardino. The population of Pompeii preferred red wines!

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