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Politics and Wine in Italy: Welcome to Sanframondi!

A personal welcome from the mayor of Guardia Sanframondi: Photo Robert K. Stephen

In a rather unscheduled stop we were welcomed to Sanframondi by its mayor and several local dignitaries. As buyers and journalists such a welcome is bit extra-ordinary but exports of Italian wine are a matter of national pride and sound economics!

San Sebastiana Church in Guardia Sanframondi: Photo Robert K. Stephen

Sanframondi is home to some 5,000 people and mayor Floriano Panza proudly explained this was the European City for Wine for 2019 with many events planned including a group of Scottish dancers and an Italian military band! It is also the home of La Guardiense winery an Italian powerhouse winery producing some 10 million bottles a year! Perhaps this is why the mayor was welcoming us?

A quiet side street: Photo Robert K. Stephen

A lovely little town and at 10:15 in the morning not a tourist in sight! For this reason a town worth a visit before the Scottish dancers and their bagpipes ruins the town’s tranquility!

The Taburna Mountains in the distance protect the vines from volatile weather; Photo Robert K. Stephen

The mayor indicated there has been a recent surge of foreign home buyers in the town.He also indicated the wines of the area are aromatic and full of minerality due to the volcanic soil they grow in.

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