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“Outdoors”; Noa Koler Brilliant

Over the past few years I have recognized that Israeli cinema can produce world class films. Please forgive me if I say “Outdoors” borders on a cheap soap opera. Noa Koler as Yaara saves the film from being a clunker.

Koler transforms from Geek to seductiveness lioness, to nagging spouse and finally to wounded women in an astounding performance that redeems the film’s premise that house construction is fatal to marital relationships. Koler’s performance saves the film from melting into sentimental slop. She is brilliant.

Playwright Gili (Udi Razzin) and his significant other Yaara decide to escape huge real estate prices in Tel Aviv and build a prefab concrete house in Galilee.

Applicable to North America renovate or rebuild both are destructive of relationships. In this case Gili and Yaara reach the edge of relationship dissolution. Is it over the construction of their new house in Galilee or something deeper?

Koler saves the film from a soap opera with her last appearance in the film. Despite brief glimpses of the beauty of the Galilee she is the beauty of the film.

Hashish a constant theme throughout the film. Not common in Israeli films!

For a trailer click here

(“Outdoors”, Israel, 2017, Director Asaf Saban, 80 minutes, Hebrew With English Subtitles, Part of Toronto Jewish Film Festival in the Spring of 2018).

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