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Ontario vs. Germany: Who Wins the War of the Riesling?

If its quantity on the shelves wins the war Ontario Riesling has won the war. If its quality I’ve come to the conclusion it is really a matter of taste. I find most Ontario Rieslings (Lake Erie North Shore excepted) bone dry with lime and grapefruit predominating. Whereas with the Germans some peach, apricot and honey gives the wine more complexity. As for alcohol content the Germans can deliver at 7.5%. Remarkable.

We try a Dr. Heidemanns-Bergweiler 2016 Graacher Himmelreich Riesling-Spätlese with a whopping 8% alcohol! Quite a mouthful to pronounce.

On the eyes you’ll see a light gold colour. On the nose some apple, pear, peach, apricot and mango. In the mouth so low key and well-hidden acidity masked by the sweetness of this medium dry wine. More peach, apricot and some honey on the palate. A sneaky broad-based finish.

With Ontario Riesling I almost say fish but with this German I am thinking Thai curry or herbed roast chicken. I would say good until 2025-30. Well built German Riesling has a great capacity to age.

( Dr. Heidemanns-Bergweiler 2016 Graacher Himmelreich Riesling-Spätlese, Bottled by a numbered company, $28.95, Mosel, LCBO # 339150, 750 mL, Set the Bar Rating 91/100)

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