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“One Bedroom”: Can it Escape the Genre?

Inevitably successful formulas in movies tend to repeat themselves. Occasionally as with westerns they can suffer from burnout then years later make a comeback.

The first modern era breakup film might be 1979’s “Kramer vs Kramer” with Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep.

“One Bedroom” is another break-up film. Does it offer anything new? I can say it is light and humorous at times. I can also say it has some biting sarcasm and witty comeback lines such as an out of relationship sexual relationship being trivialized as “revenge sex”.

Ned and Melissa were once madly in love but improprieties by Ned and “revenge sex” by Melissa seal their apparent relationship end.

One strange aspect of the film is that Ned and Melissa are New Yorkers living in a one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment yet they speak well enunciated English and without a hint of a New York accent? In fact the film gains momentum as a play rather than a movie or a movie imitating a play. Darien Sills-Evans who plays Ned is also the director and was born and raised in Brooklyn and has many awards to boast including twenty awards for this 2018 film including best comedy at The Manhattan Film Festival.

It is difficult to imagine a “break-up” film can be a comedy. What is funny about a breakup? Perhaps it is the barbershop scenes where Ned and the hoodies analyze the break-up in an irreverent way throwing shade on Ned? It might be the sarcastic undertones to the film? Or it could be the subtle acting of Ned and Melissa (Devin Nelson) that suggest there are valid reasons for a break-up they truly don’t believe in.

I would think if you are currently in a break-up situation or are contemplating one you may want to call a time-out and perhaps see there is more than doom and gloom and reality is that true love prevails over momentary indiscretions. In other words don’t get so caught up in your hurt you can’t see reality.

The film is in its post theatrical lifespan and will be available as of July 16th in Canada through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and DVD in some retail locations not yet known. To watch the trailer ;

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