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Naples as a Foodie Destination! Umberto is a Must!

The ever popular Umberto’s! Photo Robert K. Stephen

As a newbie to Naples I had the great fortune on my recent media tour to be invited to Umberto and since it has been operating since 1916 it definitely has something working in its favour.

It’s cozy and tight and definitely not snooty but downhome in both décor and food. The menu features one page of “traditional” dishes and another page focusing on seasonal dishes. There is meat, fish, cheeses and desserts and even artisanal beers which are creeping out of the woodwork in Naples. Wines abound ranging from 10-30 Euros a bottle. And of course, a full page dedicated to the great staple of Napoli that being pizza.

Umberto welcomes you! Photo Robert K. Stephen

Can you imagine pizza with escarole or arugula! In Naples any pizza is possible and made with Caputo flour promises to be the best pizza you have ever eaten. The Antico Napoli pizza with buffalo milk mozzarella with San Marzano tomatoes grown on the slope of Mount Vesuvius with shredded basil served with Aglianico Rosé is like a premature trip to the Promised Land. Not far behind is the Scarpariello pizza with cow’s milk mozzarella, mushrooms, Italian peeled tomatoes, artichokes and ham.

Menu please! Retro! Photo Robert K. Stephen

The starters of eggplant in tomato sauce, fried zucchini flowers and mashed potato croquettes are stellar. In fact, every dish prepared at Umberto is stellar. Absolute comfort food in an entirely authentic Napoli destination. A happy place full of very happy diners!

Reservations are a must.

This picture on the walls of Umberto calls for a Piedirosso red wine (Translated as Red Chicken Foot”) Photo Robert K. Stephen

If you are new to Naples and its wines you may need some help with wine and food pairings. You might not be overly familiar with Greco di Tufo, Falanghina, Lacryma di Christi, Fiano, Piedirossa or Taurasi but these wines are designed for the food of Naples.

Hot action in the kitchen of Umberto! Photo Robert K. Stephen

(Umberto via Alabardieri 30/31, 80121 Napoli, 081(Umberto via Alabardieri 30/31, 80121 Napoli, 081 418555,,

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