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Mindfulness: The Mountain Meditation

Forgive me when I say I know what it feels like to be a mountain! It is an incredible a powerful feeling. And how did this come about? Through a mountain meditation I participated in lately in my mindfulness certification course at the University of Toronto.

I have already told you my experiences in meditation as feeling as an entire whole body or going beyond meditation to another time and place I was totally lost in for a few minutes but it felt like days. I have also related to you when meditating mindfully the ability to be focused in the present and focusing solely on your breath and what is occurring only in your present moment. Imagine being still and quiet and only focusing in the present moment without that voice in your head planning, worrying, commenting and criticizing. You may want to call this being non-judgemental. And as a last comment imagine forgiving yourself and others by exercising some compassion.

If you aren’t already incredulous imagine doing a mountain mindfulness meditation and ending up for a few brief moments feeling like a mountain. And no I have not being placing any orders at The Ontario Cannabis Store!

It is quite easy and I’ll provide you with a link so you can try it yourself. But the idea is to picture yourself as a mountain. You are huge and change with the seasons but your foundation remains solid and unbendable. Your body like a mountain is rooted to the earth unchanging except for its coating of vegetation. The mountain like you is simply itself. It remains unchanged although buffeted by storms and snow. The analogy is you are you and all the worries and anxiety surrounding you do not change your internal self.

The goal of this meditation is to help you realize whatever you are facing you have to power to be like the unchanging structure of the mountain. Use the stillness of the mountain to be grounded despite the emotional storms swirling about you.

I challenge you to feel like a mountain! What do you have to lose?  Go to series 2 for the Mountain Meditation.

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