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Mindfulness Success Factor #2: Feeling as One

If you can be at rest and really feel your entire body and realize this is you in the present moment that is a huge success factor.

Again, it sounds so simple and perhaps even ridiculous but if you think about it in simplicity there is beauty.

Being still and fully aware of your body is a rare experience at first and perhaps even awe inspiring. But I think this means you really must be focusing in the present moment to accomplish this task. In fact, initially I’ll say you get to this point through meditation but as you progress in your mindfulness practice, whatever it might be, you may be able to switch this feeling as a whole person on and off.

What is so special feeling as one? I think it emphasizes we are not just a robot fulfilling functions but a very special and unique human being. I think it shows we have taken the time and effort to attain this basic but complex task. So mindfulness is not solely about the mind. It is about the mind controlling the body. If you are suffering from stress it is your mind firing up the stressors. If you want to manage stress use your mind to control and manage stress.

The basic training to feel as one may be what is called the “body scan meditation” where you focus on your toes right up through your body to the scalp. Just acknowledge them as you move up your body. Perhaps after a few tries you’ll feel as one. If you can connect that to being in the present moment and be grateful for it your meditation just may take you to places you never thought possible.

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