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Mindfulness: Success Factor #1: Shutting up that voice in your head!

Do you notice a voice in your head that rarely stops talking to you? Criticizing, worrying, planning and forever making judgements. It is just like the thoughts that run all over your mind never giving you peace. And the worst ones are those trying to make things as you think they should be leading to endless frustration, anger, stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness offers you some peace from this. Through mindfulness meditation you essentially calm down and do virtually nothing but breathe and be in the present moment. You eventually can train yourself to let that voice talk and those thoughts wander but you watch and hear them and they pass by and with sufficient training and willpower you can be left with just your breath and initially just let those thoughts and voices wander right past you. And if you become very good at mindful meditation you can be transported so deeply into the present moment you are absolutely lost in it but overtaken by joy and gratitude.

Hopefully you are not snickering over this but you have no doubt heard that beauty is simplicity. Mindfulness meditation is beautiful simplicity. I challenge you to close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and let that voice and those thoughts just drift on by. No harm in recognizing them but more difficult to let them slip by and just be with your breath.

It has taken me a couple of years to master this and still occasionally that voice and the thoughts engage me but going back to the breath and the body comes easily to me.

I wish I could express all this so you could immediately identify with it. Alas I can only hope to make you stop and think how restorative and powerful mindful meditation can be. It is so simple but given our rational brain and our imprisonment by daily life the simple becomes unobtainable without serious effort on your part.

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