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Mindfulness: Letting it Go!

A key component of mindfulness is your ability to control wandering and negative thoughts and focus on the present. This is not an easy task as the mind is constantly chattering to you wishing things were different or at least capable of falling into an acceptable pattern your mind is comfortable with. If you have the discipline to concentrate on the present you will be rewarded with a huge sense of power. Why? I can’t explain other than to say it has happened to me during meditation.

The more you can let negative thoughts go the more you can liberate your mind and move on to a higher state of consciousness. So an unpleasant event hours, days or years ago occurred. In most cases continued rumination occupies too much emotional real estate. I am urging you to let them go as much as you can or move them off to a miscellaneous file in your mind that remains inactive.

It can be these negative thoughts are so terribly hurtful such a childhood sexual abuse and you’ll need some professional help to park these events in the miscellaneous files. We all have big events in the “Leaving Neverland” category in terms of importance and not necessarily sexual abuse and it will be a struggle to park them in the miscellaneous file of your brain but let a third party destroy you? You can’t sit back and let that happen.

Many of us don’t have mega tragedies overwhelming our thoughts but far less serious events we take too much to heart and internalize and waste enormous amounts of energy. Unfortunately, it is death that finally liberates us from worrying about trivialities and thinking what is important in our lives. Please don’t wait that long to wake up that life is full of shit….just don’t get suffocated by it.

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