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Megalomaniac Pink Slip Rosé: Is Termination of an Employment Relationship Something to Jest About?

When I mention “bad taste” I am not referring to the Megalomaniac 2018 Pink Slip Rosé. Being handed a pink slip is nothing to chuckle about unless of course you are the megalomaniac handing it out. It can be both psychologically and physically damaging for its recipient.

Nobody seems to have an exact finger on its meaning. One is that it is an odd colour so a terminated employee could quickly determine if it was worth looking at. Also before unionization it was said that The Ford Company placed a white slip of paper in employee’s lockers that were to return to work the next day and a pink slip to those who wouldn’t be returning.

Again, aside from the wine itself, serving it to someone who has been given a pink slip might be a bit insensitive so if any of your guests have recently been terminated think about serving this wine.

As for colour medium pink. On the nose pretty intense notes of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and watermelon. On the palate its fairly hefty with firm but controlled acids. It has in taste what it has on the nose except add a faint taste of milk chocolate. It is built for food so much so it just might be a good summertime match for grilled flank steak with chimichurri sauce. For vegetarians it would be stuffed red peppers. A go to match for rosé is grilled salmon but make sure it has a spicy rub or this rosé just might overpower it.

Serve cold but not ice cold.

Now if you have been pink slipped the first time it can be difficult but hang on as things will often get better. In the meantime my best wishes to you.

(Megalomaniac Pink Slip Rosé 2018, VQA Niagara Peninsula, John Howard Cellars of Distinction, Vineland, Ontario, $19.95, LCBO # 085126, 750 mL, 12%, Set The Bar Rating 92/100).

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