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Hot Docs: This Mountain Life

(TORONTO, ON) – This documentary focuses on the passion, peace, and challenge offered by the mountains of British Columbia. The cinematography is stunning.

However, the mountains can’t talk so it is the stories of people that live amongst them that coaxes their stories. The mountains, in a sense, have very little to do with it.

It amounts to a relationship between the people in the film and the mountains.

For the mountain climber it is the challenge and camaraderie. For the snowshoe artist it is about creativity. For the visual artist it is creative tranquility.

The mountain life is far better than winning any lottery.

For the mother and daughter, who trekked through 2,300km of mountainous territory, it was about discovering their inner strength and their relationship with each other. A very gripping tale.

For the backcountry skiers it is the thrill and beauty. For the Dominican nun it made prayer time real.

The beautiful cinematography and the intriguing and inspiring stories are crowned by a strong musical score.

(This Mountain Life, Canada, 77 Minutes, director Grant Baldwin, part of Toronto Hot Docs Festival, screened April 30, May 2 and 4, World Premiere)

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