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Hand Line Cod

(TORONTO, ON) – This is another nifty short from our good friends at the National Film Board. Hopefully, if you caught some films at the Toronto International Film Festival, you ran into this uplifting piece about the determination of hand line cod fishermen in Fogo Island, NL.

Fogo islanders have banded together to create Fogo Island Fish Co-Op and Fogo Island Fish. Their premium product is hand-line caught North Atlantic cod for which a twenty year moratorium has been recently lifted. They have been hand line fishing since the 1600’s.

The two companies pay twice the market rate so they get the finest cod which are gutted, cleaned, and then shipped as a premium product primarily to Toronto where restaurant patrons are incredulous about its quality. One fisherman explained the battering and bashing trawled cod suffer whereas the hand caught cod are lifted straight out of the ocean and shipped directly to market.

It’s as if they are trying to transform lowly cod into a luxury product.

Unabashedly, they state their goal is to create a higher priced market for cod. They recognize that cod are a gift from the sea and if treated that way they’ll increase the price and their lifestyle. Quite a combination.

There is more to Newfoundland than oil. Let’s hope this is more than a passing fad.

Directed by Justin Simms and runs just a bit over 13 minutes.

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