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“Good Morning Son”: Anything More Than a Medical Melodrama?

Poor Omri, a soldier in the Israeli Defence League, has been seriously wounded in the Gaza by an exploding booby-trapped house. He has survived but his brain pieced by shrapnel. 5 of his colleagues were killed.

He lies in a coma surrounded by his loving comrades, family and even the local mayor and his retinue anxious for a photo-op with the family and medical staff.

Omri is receiving the best medical care.

His father is particularly devoted to his recovery.

He makes a very slow recovery to the point he can speak a word or two. His eyes are open. But at the conclusion of the film he is confined to a wheelchair and has far to go before he is back to the pre-wounded Omri.

You might recognize the patterns of behaviour when someone you love is in a coma. There is argumentation, blame, frustration with medicine, anger but there is also hope. If you have not experienced it personally you’ve probably seen a television show or two with the same story line as the movie. However this is a movie and not a television show. Does it offer any unique insights? I think not.

The acting is professional for sure. The music is a bit sappy.

It’s decent entertainment all very professional but does it offer anything memorable? I’ll leave that up to you. For me no. Watch the trailer and see if I am right.

(“Good Morning Son”, Israel, 2018, Director Sharon Bar Ziv, 85 minutes, Part of The Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Shows May 12 at 4:30 p.m. at Cineplex Empress Walk)

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