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“Eco-Terrorist: The Battle for our Planet”: An Inconvenient Truth

Yes aren’t we all cheering for the saviour of our oceans raped by commercial fisheries? Whaling, drift net fishing and psychotic Newfoundlanders bashing baby seals?

This is a rather flippant and often humorous if not sarcastic documentary about the rise and possible fall of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Captain Paul Watson (how in earth did he ever become a captain?) was a co-founder of Greenpeace but sick of Greenpeace’s sedentary role of “protesting” he founded action orientated Sea Shepherd challenging illegal fishing in waters covered by treaties yet unenforced by governments.

I rather expected a depressing massacre documentary but instead received a toned down documentary narrated by Sea Shepherd cameraman (and director of this documentary) Peter Brown who chronicles the early rough and tumble days of the Shepherd Society to its days of luxury and celebrity worship. He has a flippant and at times critical narration of Captain Paul Watson and his antics but it is not doom and gloom and end of the world style!

The Sea Shepherd Society starts as an impoverished organization fuelled by volunteers working on a rust bucket of a ship pooping in buckets on deck and eating inedible vegan meals. They gain publicity with a reality television show “Whale Wars” and end up with a big flow of money enabling them to become a successful corporate enterprise with a fleet of 5 ships and two helicopters. Unfortunately, their initial defence of poverty and asset less leaves them open to litigation. Their expenses increase and the food becomes gourmet vegan! “Captain” Watson resigns somewhere along the way and lives a luxury life somewhere in Europe.

The film exposes the tactics of the Sea Shepherd Society and the most successful is manipulation of the celebrities who may be rock n rollers but have no idea of the importance of sealing to Canadian Inuit populations or Newfoundlander fisherman. Their grandstanding has had severe impact on our Inuit population destroying local economies, health and tradition. So ignorantly our local sealers and Inuit’s are psychotic butchers.

The Sea Shepherd Society will manipulate anyone possible to their cause and while I respect their exposure of the greedy Japanese whalers seeking a greater expansion of the Arctic pie I resent their portrayal of indigenous populations relying on seals and whales for food and economic survival as being mentally disturbed. I have lost a great deal of respect for them and by the way Sir Paul you can afford his very expensive raw food diet while our Canadian Inuit have been eating seal and trading on their skins for their economic well being. Take whatever band you have and just become “Band on the Run”. Better you hob knob with the Royal Family then ignorantly attack our indigenous population. You have millions to justify your righteousness. Indigenous populations do not.

One can’t escape the slimy whaling of Japan in this documentary. Nasty politics more than whaling.

Director (and narrator) Peter Brown does a decent job here honestly documenting the rise and decline of the Sea Shepherd Society and the re- emergence of “Captain” Paul Watson.

What’s next a huge rock n’ roll concert slamming Inuit seal hunting?

For a honest little teaser trailer see

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