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Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards Gets its Feet Wet With its First Sparkler! Hooray for Harrow!

This must be an exciting moment for the team at Cooper’s Hawk Vineyard in Harrow, Ontario. I can’t recall ever trying a sparkler from Lake Erie North Shore. So I am excited both for Cooper’s Hawk and myself. It’s at moments like these I realize I have a responsibility as a wine writer to let you know and the winery know what I think about it. In order to grow and learn you must make mistakes. However you may have got it right or close to it right off the bat. They got this right very quickly!

So I am imagining I have the musical score for Kubrick’s “2001 Space Odyssey” playing as I pop open the cork! 

These are North Block grapes from the vineyard specifically pruned, cultivated and harvested for this wine. The grapes were hand picked whole clustered and pressed whole cluster and bravely discarded were the first 100 litres of juice and limited oxygen content as much as possible with the juice with the initial fermentation in stainless steel with secondary fermentation in a tank.

A mere 480 cases were made. It will make its LCBO debut in an August 17, 2019 LCBO Vintages Release. You can also order directly from the vineyard (online or dropping in) which has morphed from down home to cool over the past few years! More in the future on that.

The colour is light gold. The bubbles are not tiny and as numerous as you might expect from a Champagne but they are hardly clodhoppers! And there are plenty of them. On the nose full of freshly baked bread. There are also strong notes of pear and some asparagus, guava, mango, lemon and Portuguese Molotov flan pudding. On the palate fruit tinged crisp acidity. There is lemon, lime and honey wrapped up in a short crisp finish. Keep chilled in a bucket with ice in this weather!

Well made and no technical flaws. More in line with a Prosecco than with a Champagne or Cava. But then again do you always want to be drinking Champagne? I am happy as a pig in mud with this LENS beauty. Given its $23.95 price hanker down with a case as we have Civic Holiday, Thanksgiving, Labour Day and Christmas coming up. If you can’t find in your LCBO and can’t arrange a transfer from another LCBO to your LCBO contact the winery to order direct at COOPERSHAWKVINEYARDS.COM

Good with oysters or a seafood risotto. Also great with goat cheese and figs and of course boost the local economy as it is reasonably priced for all manner of celebratory occasions. Down with the tyranny of Champagne! Up with this Billy Idol “Rebel Rebel”! Oh, you can start your greasy BBQ feast this summer with this really scrub clean your palate.

(Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards 2016 VQA Ontario, North Block Sparkling, Cooper’s Hawk Vineyard, Harrow Ontario, $ 23.95, 12.5%, 750 mL, Set The Bar Rating 91/100).

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