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Cantina di Solopaca: The Best Moscato in the World?

Well this will be the last Uncorked Abroad article on Campania. If you could only imagine how good the wines and food are there you’d be in Naples in a flash. I mean that the pizza is stupendous enough that I could fly there and eat nothing but pizza for a week! Yes I even had pizza for breakfast a couple of times.

The Moscato Intenso 05; Drink it and weep!:Photo Robert K. Stephen

Can you imagine there is an upcoming pizza and Falanghina wine tour coming up throughout Italy! Falanghina is perhaps Campania’s most prestigious white wine. It can be awesome as both a still wine and as a sparkler it can match Franciacortas or Champagnes.

We have covered many wines but perhaps I’ll be brief here and tell you about the best Muscat I have had! It is called a Moscata Intenso 05 which is Moscato Dolce with an IGP designation. Big peach and apricot on the nose with the same on the palate. It was full of taste and power despite a 5.5% alcohol level. I have mentioned in previous articles how Campanian red wines are a subliminal match with Neapolitan pizza. Match this Moscato with a traditional simple orange biscuit and you will be close to heaven. If I say a wine has overdelivered this is one of those wines.

Given that summer may be approaching this would be a light alcohol beauty to start off a BBQ or to serve at a brunch. It is so good you’ll be thinking after a sip of it of a famous Led Zeppelin song, “Dazed and Confused”.

Solopaca’s Cellar; Robert K. Stephen

Well stupid me as my tasting sheet given to me by the winery never made it back over the ocean so I can only provide you with a stellar memory instead of a full report. What I can say is that their wines are excellent. It was established as a co-operative in 1996 and has some 600 growers.

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