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“Bare Knuckle Brawler”: Nasty Revenge Movie

If you are searching for something new and innovative in this film you won’t find it. It is just a particularly nasty revenge film that gives a glimpse into bare knuckle brawling taking place in what looks like New Jersey.

The film’s opening scene is at a death match at an illegal bare-knuckle fight venue.  And yes, the crowd yells “Kill” and that is exactly what the fighter does as he cracks his opponent’s neck with a loud crunch. If a political point is being made that American society is inching closer to barbarism with these gladiator type fights that’s a point well taken.

In any case the corpses of battered boxers begin to pop up in back alleys all over town.

Joey (Jesse Kove) and Steve (Peter Passaro) are two brothers skillfully taught in martial arts by their father. Joey is a policeman and older brother Steve a bit of screw up more often than not in trouble with the authorities.   

Joey goes undercover as a fighter who gets into the fight club by way of a snitch called Arnie working at the fight club managed by the nasty Vinnie. Joey’s cover is broken and is murdered by Vinnie and his henchmen. Arnie is also snuffed but not really as he lies in a coma.

Danny Trejo (from “From Dusk until Dawn”)  is the fight club’s owner  and sets a tone of evil in the few cameo lines he has.

Well older brother Steve infiltrates the same fight club and why don’t we say revenge is sweet.

If you are a martial arts fan or a fan of the revenge genre, you’ll get your jollies from this film assuming you can stomach the crunching bones and flows of blood. Quite clearly there is good and evil in the film. The bare-knuckle subculture is explored and exposed. It is also a story about family unity and loss. You’ll be cheering for the good guys on this.

What is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the movie are the bloodthirsty fans particularly revelling in the death matches meaning one the fighters must die.

As director Joe Gawalis says, “We hope to give audiences the type of experience they would have had watching the classic fight films of the 80’s and early 90’s.”

This 96-minute films is being released on November 5, 2019   on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, PlayStation, Xbox, Vudu, FandangoNOW, and through local cable & satellite providers.

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