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A Mindfulness Miracle: Golf and Mindfulness

I recall at the end of golf season last year I was very rusty. I hadn’t played in a couple of years due to a bad knee and extensive travel.

So I get out finally in a beautiful October morning. The leaves are blazing with fall wonderfulness, It is crisp. It is incredibly beautiful. The colours, the brilliant sun and me starting off and continuing with 14 holes of pathetic golf. How can it get much worse I say? Then I kick into a mindfulness mode which is to be in the present moment and be non judgemental.

My goodness I am alive. It is a beautiful day. I am playing a sport I love. Let me stop those negative and harmful negative thoughts about those horrific 14 holes. With a sense of gratitude, I continue my game.

And what happened? For some strange reason the old form returned with blazing glory. Why shoot yourself down on such a fantastic day. As mindfulness says show some self compassion (for all those shitty shots). Control those negative thoughts as your next shot is a totally new shot if you can liberate your mind from past failures.

I was on a roll until the last hole with a long but errant drive but in the sand trap. I needed a tremendous if not impossible shot over some trees. At this point liberated from my poor performance for 14 holes an impossible shot was made and against all odds the ball sailed over the trees and ended up an inch from the cup. So a tap in for a birdie instead of an eagle.

That is a shot I will not forget. I have been talking with my good friend Walter about our hole in one shot that may occur. I have one of those but another would be nice. However this birdie was just as satisfying as a hole in one! Thank you mindfulness!

This year I will not only stretch before my game but take a three-minute meditation to calm down and express my gratitude for being alive and playing a sport I love.

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