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4 Wines Under 5€: Deals in Wine at French Supermarkets?

Unlike the LCBO French wines can on a retail basis be sold outside an official monopoly store. And that means some meaningful price discounts at the local supermarket where wines can be subject to a sale price unlike the whopping $2.00 discounts offered by the LCBO. Of course, this means terrible drunkenness in the streets of France? I hate to disappoint the Temperance based LCBO but the streets of France are not subject to careening drunks!

I must say after being in France for a couple of weeks working on this story I only had a couple of really good French wines.

I started with a Cave D’Angus in Florent Val de Loire Cabernet Anjou 2018. At 2.65 € this was a somewhat weak-kneed rosé however an AC Cabernet Anjou Controlée. It had a mid pink colour with a nose of raspberries, strawberries, baked stuffed field tomatoes and bacon. On the palate raspberries and watermelon with a short finish. I’d agree with the statement on the label it should be consumed within two years with an aperitif with melon or with a fruit tart. It did have a bit of sweetness to it. I would rate this an 87.

Mythique is a label known to lovers of French red wine from the Languedoc. I think the LCBO brings in their red on an annual basis. In this case it is a 4.95€ Rosé. It has a light pink colour with raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb pie notes. It has noticeable acidity and plenty of strawberry on the nose. I would think it would match grilled trout. It is an AC Languedoc. I would rate it an 86.

The next wine is a Les Bécassieres Côtes de Rhône at 4.25€. It was on special at Galleries Lafayette in Marseille and if I had bought 6 I would have paid 3€ a bottle! A great nose of black cherry, blackberry, blueberry and a hint of coffee. A lightweight red without much complexity on the palate. Good with Vietnamese spring rolls or roast Peking Duck. I’d give it an 87.

Six bottles of Côtes de Rhône for 18Euros: Photo Robert K. Stephen

The last wine tried was another rosé which of course is popular in Marseille where I bought it. It was called “Grain de Soleil” and was 2.45€. It had a salmon colour and on the nose strawberry, cherry, watermelon and cherry jello. On the palate somewhat non-descript with basically faint hints of strawberry. It was a AC Languedoc and I’d give it an 87.

I also noted a sale of Chablis where 3 were going for 19.80€.

Out of the corner of my eye a sale on two 12 packs of Heineken for 9.62€

Generally speaking wine is cheaper in France if you stick to the big supermarkets and look for the sales. However in any price range, whatever the country, you’ll have to experiment to find those 92 plus wines! Unless you continually end up with dogs half the fun is trying.

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