Thu. Jan 17th, 2019

Seacampo: Wines and Food That Delight!

Nastily delicious and seductive Encruzado! Photo Robert K. Stephen
Wine writers settling down into an incredible luncheon feast!; Photo Robert K. Stephen
Notice the vial of extra virgin olive oil on this starter? Photo Robert K. Stephen
Wild Boar served with Jaen! Send me to heaven
Chicken and rice served in a rich chicken broth!: Robert K. Stephen Photo
Down The Hatch: Lucia Freitas as Export Manager Inspiring the International Media! Photo Robert K. Stephen

Seacampo is relatively small with 30 hectares under cultivation. It has some of the most beautiful fall coloured vineyards in the Dão wine region of Portugal.

We were greeted by a shepherd and his flock of sheep that were grazing (and fertilizing) between the rows of vines. Its corporate owners own 17 quintas.
They are sustainable in this vineyard but not organic. They are very proud of their grapes made with the Encruzado grape. Their granitic soil gives good minerality to their wines.
The vines under cultivation are 80% red and 20% white.
They are in finishing touches of completing a very tasteful and modern guesthouse.
Their brand at this Quinta seems to be “Casa Américo” which is distributed in the United States and in Quebec.
The Casa Américo Encruzado 2015 has a complex nose of apple, pear, melon and pineapple. On the palate that fantastic grippy and slightly rough traction Encruzado offers when gown in granitic soils and lots of melon and guava notes. A golden colour. Encruzado again shows when cultivated in granitic soils it can deliver a very unique and totally delicious wine with that scratchy back palate. This wine was aged 3 months in 325 litre oak barrels. Great to sip and a match to pork, chicken and even lobster. As a wine writer and taster the rule is to spit but all of us admit there are the moments you really do swallow because you have discovered an exceptional wine. This is an exceptional wine and the trend I have noticed in my Dão excursion is that Encruzado grapes can make exceptional wines. This wine ages well and sells in the 8-9 € range.
The Casa Américo 2015 Jaen has a red plum colour with a nose of red plum, black cherry and blueberry. On the palate a juicy wine full of sour cherry and blueberry and some faint notes of wild forest mushrooms. Jaen can have a tendency to be somewhat tannic and green pruning (when the vines are young and the grapes not mature) is required to make the wine smoother. Suitable, we are told, with lamprey (the curse of the Great Lakes)!
The other wines tried were tremendous and the food served was wickedly rich.
I would like to continue but I must admit the Encruzado has left me breathless. After such a superb wine my senses just shut down and with the food prepared under the supervision of the head chef and served by students at the local gastronomy institute any tasting of wines just seemed senseless. When you have reached nirvana via Encruzado you may know what I mean. Is this the best white wine in the world?
Seacampo over delivers. I’d love to return and try their guesthouse and  more of their fantastic wines. It is not their fault their Encruzado shut me down in sure bliss.


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