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Prince Was Battling Epilepsy

Header-image-JessicaBy Jessica Faught

The great musicologist Prince Roger Nelson died on April 21, and many are talking about why and how, saying they can’t believe it because the artist was only 57 years of age. According to many sources, the beloved musician died due to an opium overdose.

Last week, an aircraft carrying Prince, en route to a concert, was detoured from the filed flight plan. It was earlier reported that Prince was suffering from flu-like symptoms which had lasted over two weeks.

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Prince at Coachella 2008What many have not mentioned is the fact that opiates like oxy-condone are a well-known aid for epilepsy, with which Prince was plagued since his early childhood.

Apparently, opiates are a medicinal aid for epilepsy.

Now, we don’t know that Prince had epilepsy attacks as an adult however, according to research, seven of 10 children outgrow it. Whether the artist was one of them, we don’t know.

While on the subject, let’s talk about how this legendary soul made his mark on the music industry.

Prince claims that it all started in grade school, where he was terribly bullied by his class mates. They made fun of him because of his epileptic attacks and personal style.

A young prince decided to step up his uniqueness a notch or two and credited this decision, claiming that it led to his popularity. It really had a profound impact on his music career.

Do you hear that young ones? You can turn your bullying attacks into something that empowers you as an individual.

The seven-time Grammy Award winner was the son of a pianist who played in a band called the Price Rogers Trio.

Prince was very protective of the music he composed and sang, and frequently played all of the instruments in his recordings. The success of the artist is one of a kind, as he could play by ear almost any instrument and song writing was a piece of cake.

Performing for Prince, according to many, was a challenge due to his extreme shyness. That didn’t detract from the entertainment, however, though he never knew when the epilepsy would have its way. Despite all of this, Prince was the recipient of an academy award for Best Original Song for the hit 1989 film Purple Rain.

There is no argument that this man will be greatly missed as a human being as well as an artist. To learn more about Prince Rogers Nelson visit online.

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