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New Book Helps Women With Cancer


Healing-pretty(WINDSOR, ON) – A first-ever comprehensive book for women with cancer was launched during a special International Women’s Day event on March 8. With over 300 tips and resources for coping with side-effects throughout cancer treatment, Healing Pretty will give women the power and confidence to take back their lives.

“When they come to me, they’re full of anxiety,” said author Jackie Apostol-Pizzuti. “They are being bombarded by appointments, tests, treatment plans, and more. They’ve lost their sense of control and are overwhelmed by fear of the unknown. Healing Pretty will help women focus on what they can control: their confidence.”

Apostol-Pizzuti has helped over 1,000 women heal from cancer with dignity. A licensed hair stylist for over 25 years and the owner of Wigs to Wellness and The Mastectomy Boutique, she started thinking about writing a book after seeing the stress her clients were going through, coming to her filled with anxiety and questions.

As side-effects begin to take hold, women seek answers, often spending hours or days searching for information.

My skin is so dry. Is there a cream someone can recommend? Why are my nails lifting? What’s going to happen after my mastectomy?

Healing Pretty is a compilation of Apostol-Pizzuti’s years of experience, research, and advice shared from cancer survivors.

“Second to the initial diagnosis, the thought of losing their hair is the most devastating for my clients,” said Apostol-Pizzuti. “Unfortunately, many don’t know what to expect or where to find answers about dealing with hair loss, or the many other aesthetic side-effects of treatment.”

Healing Pretty includes eight chapters covering hair loss, skin problem and solutions, makeup tips, surgery reconstruction options, comfort, fashion accessories and more. In addition, a dedicated Soul Sisters chapter is written by 21 local cancer survivors who provide their own tips, ideas, resources and advice.

“I can’t think of a better day to launch Healing Pretty” said Deb Kokovai, a cancer survivor and contributor. “International Women’s Day is our way of recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of Jackie, and of all the Soul Sisters who have made this book possible.”

Healing Pretty at a glance:

  • How preparing for hair loss can be empowering
  • Where to find treatment-friendly fashion
  • Skin and makeup tips from survivors
  • How healing kits make recovery comfortable
  • What you need to know about lymphedema
  • Traditional and creative options after surgery

“This is the best gift you can get someone with cancer,” said Cathy Murphy. “I gave a pre-release copy to my girlfriend Kelly Trudell who was just diagnosed. Healing Pretty helped her every day in her struggle to understand her life now, and helped her get back her self-esteem and self-worth.”

For every book sold this month, $5 will be donated to The Breast Health Centre at Windsor Regional Hospital.

“The priorities of the medical team are to move quickly and efficiently with a treatment plan so women can get well,” said Apostol-Pizzuti. “My priority is to help women maintain a sense of themselves along the way, and feel comfortable and confident from head to toe.”

Visit online to order Healing Pretty.

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