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Dazzling Duos And Trios At The Bank Theatre

(LEAMINGTON, ON) – The Bank Theatre has announced a classical concert featuring a variety of duets and trios for 2 flutes, piano, and organ, culminating in an abridged version of the well loved Mennonite Piano Concerto by Victor Davies on Sunday, October 1 at 3pm.

Performing artists will be Helen Brown, Linda Regehr, Natalie Dorion, and Jonathan Bayley. The concert will take place at Knox Presbyterian Church, at 58 Erie Street South in Leamington. The church is accessible and has ample parking.

“I enjoy the exercise of working at a piece and watching it get better and better all the time,” said pianist Helen Brown. “A performance is a carrot to get me to practice. To learn to play a difficult piece well is a huge satisfaction for me. I love the feeling of being ‘one’ with the audience in creating beautiful music.”

Mennonite Piano Concerto is an abridged version of the well-loved concerto, commissioned for Victor Davies in 1975 to be the background music for the documentary of And When They Shall Ask. It is the story of the plight of Mennonites and others in southern Russia during the Communist revolution.

It relays the horrors they suffered when the prisons were opened. Bandits roamed the countryside pillaging, raping, and killing, and general anarchism reigned.

The concerto has three movements, the second of which features variations of the well-loved hymn In the Rifted Rock I’m Resting. The 3rd movement includes variations of at least seven well-known hymns.

Dazzling Duos and Trios will charm and delight you with a rich array of classical music. Tickets are just $15 per person or $10 for groups of 10 seniors, aged 65 and over. They are available at Counter Effects and Wharram’s Jewellery in Leamington, at the door if not sold out, or online.

For more information please visit the Bank Theatre online.


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