The entrance to the Emergency Reception at the Ouellette Campus of WIndsor Regional Hospital is seen in a file photo from 15 September 2016.Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Windsor Reacts To Hospital Misinformation Letter


Dear Mr Soulliere and Board of Directors of ASWE:

I have just read your letter on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Alzheimer Society, supporting the proposal to build a new state-of-the-art acute care hospital in our region. I disagree with your reasoning and I wonder whom you had in mind as you penned this letter?

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My dearly departed mother, Violet Bodo, was a strong and frequent financial supporter of the Alzheimer Society, right up to and including her funeral donations. I have, in turn, carried on that support. However, your decision to support the new acute care hospital to be built in a bean field on County Road 42 has definitely given me cause to question your decision.

The fact that the Metropolitan Campus will be demolished will leave the core of the city without emergency services/ambulance services and create a serious problem for the very people you propose to care about.

I am speaking as a senior in my 70’s and I look towards the future with grave concern for my husband and I. Should one of us be hospitalized and the other unable to drive, transportation to such a distant location will become a costly drain on our finances.

At the very time that the Alzheimer Society should be making life easier, you are advocating just the opposite.

There are other sites that were considered within the city’s various brown fields that are not only more accessible, they also are serviced lands, which will save the taxpayers of this city millions of dollars in infrastructure costs and which will only benefit private developers.

You mention that the community is united in this cause. You could not be more wrong.

The fact is our municipal government, our MP’s, and our MPP’s appear to be more interested in private development than healthcare, especially the healthcare for those you represent. It is very problematic.

They are not listening to the people. And, believe me, the people have tried to be heard.

As a former caregiver, I can tell you that you are creating huge obstacles for those already saddled with more responsibility than they can handle.

I sincerely hope, The Honourable Dr Eric Hoskins will consider my letter and the letters of the many others he will be hearing from because of yours, Mr Soulliere. You may speak for the Alzheimer Society and its Board, but you do not speak for everyone who has contributed to this cause.

Your letter wreaks of political involvement rather than the much needed concern for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers.

Yours truly,

Beverley Van Sickle Holmes