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Sneak Preview Of The Open Studio Tour

(WINDSOR, ON) – The Studio Tour is presenting the Artists Preview Exhibit at Artspeak Gallery from September 12 through 17. The Tour artists will host and demonstrate sessions at the Gallery, at 1942 Wyandotte Street East.

Over 30 local artists will offer a sneak peak of the art they will display in their studios during the 6th annual Windsor Essex Artist Open Studio Tour. The public will have a chance to preview art and meet the artists participating in this year’s Studio Tour.

Artists will be available at Artspeak Gallery throughout the week to speak to visitors while others will offer demonstrations.


1-3 pm Wood turner/carver Paul Guilbeault will staff the Gallery. Paul’s unique wood turning/carving technique is never mass produced; rather each piece is made unique based on the natural properties of the wood, by this artist.

Wood can have cracks and voids, knots, and bug holes. They are not defects, but some of Mother Nature’s work and her unique signature.

3-5 pm Painter Dennis Smith will staff the Gallery. Dennis’s distinctive artistic expressions result in works that come alive. His work projects honesty, simplicity, serenity and causes’ one to stop and to take time to react with the painting and its message.

Tuesday Sept 13

1-5 pm Painter Mariano Klimowicz will staff the Gallery. Mariano’s paintings have the look and feel of the Old Masters. With his use of quality materials and the skill of the Grand Tradition his compositions; rich colours expose depth and brilliance in his work.

He will demonstrate traditional master’s oil painting processes and techniques.

Wednesday Sept 14

1-3 pm Photographer Theresa Posloski will staff the Gallery. With a discerning eye and a love of travel and photography Theresa has photographed wildlife, landscape, and people across the world. She has an unassuming manner that makes her quite successful at street photography.

3-5 pm Painter Nancy Bauer will demonstrate in the Gallery. As well as traditional methods of painting Nancy enjoys the challenges not seen in studio work of painting Plein Air in all seasons and weather. She works in Acrylic as a direct result of needing a product that could better tolerate cold temperatures.

She is well known in many local circles for her Portraits, Still Life Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, and Wildlife Photography.

3-5 pm Painter Katrina Rutter will staff the Gallery. Watercolor is her favorite medium and she prefers representational art with many subjects such as food, scenery, children and flowers. Katrina’s works are whimsical and full of life and colour.

5-6 pm Painter Jude Quick will staff the Gallery. Jude has painted everything from clothing to murals, in acrylic and watercolour. She has participated in mural projects with school students in Windsor. She loves florals, landscapes and especially portraits. Her joy is colour and contrast: interpreting what she sees, taking it from what it is to what it could be.

Thursday, Sept 15

1-3 pm Mixed media artist Leigh Archibald will staff the Gallery. Leigh is a new comer to the studio tour this year. She is an award winning, mixed media artist working currently in encaustic painting, printmaking and bookmaking.

She uses the layering of images, colours and marks to represent the ephemerality of humanity in time and the transparent and reflective qualities of the wax to create a sense both of mystery and of the everyday.

Friday September 16

2-3 pm Painter Margaret Dawson will demonstrate in the Gallery. With over thirty years of painting in watercolour Margaret feels most at home in that medium. She also challenges herself with new subjects and media, most recently water based oils and acrylics. Her intimate knowledge of sailing, love of the water, and sound of the wind in the sails is felt in her nautical paintings.

Dawson owned and operated her own gallery in Port Stanley, and has travelled extensively for her art.

3-4 pm Illustrator Julian Pawlaczyk will demonstrate in the Gallery. Like most children Julian picked up crayons in elementary school but through high school he never really ceased to doodle, using inking in his drawings with fine-tipped pens. In university he graduated to using a fine-tipped brush with dipped-ink.

He is fond of gouache and charcoal and drawing people. He likes to capture the expression and emotion of the human form. Portraits, graphic novel pages, charcoal drawings and paintings will be displayed during the open studio tour.

Saturday Sept 17

1-3 pm Painter Vivian Klink will demonstrate in the Gallery. Since the day she first touched an oil painting, she was drawn to the medium as a fly to a flame. Her memory of that touch stays with her to this day, which creates the energy to create her kind of art. She is a colourist at heart and includes portraits, still life, animals, and landscape in her inventory.

“I hope that some future artist will run their hands over one of my paintings and feel the excitement that so inspired me at a young age,”said Klink.

1-5 pm Painter Melissa Piva will demonstrate at the Gallery. Her work is created completely freehand and often without concrete planning. She paints the backgrounds to her paintings when she is feeling emotional, and then based on the outcome of the background she is led to what the subject matter of the piece is intended to be.

“I feel that the highest honour that can be achieved by an artist is to witness their work evoking emotions from the people viewing it,” said Piva. “And, I feel that my use of colour and subject matter combined with my style do just that.”

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