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Rejuvenate Your Sex Life

(WINDSOR, ON) – Like all things, a satisfying sex life will be challenged over time. In addition to the psychological changes women go through, childbirth, hormonal imbalances, and the effects of aging on the feminine muscles may create a loosening of the feminine regions. That, in turn, can diminish sexual intensity and intimacy, often leading to a woman’s lack of self-esteem and, ultimately, sexual arousal.

But biology isn’t everything.

Dr. Zoia Sherman, MD, at Coral Medical Health Spa in Windsor, is counselling patients on their options for treating laxity in tissue in, and around, the feminine anatomy.

ThermiVa is a unique, temperature-controlled radio frequency system that gives women results without surgery. ThermiVa treatments deliver controlled thermal energy to the desired areas, external (labia) and/or internal for strengthening of the feminine region.

There is no downtime and there are no anaesthetics required.

This easy, in-office treatment can bring back confidence and the knowing smile of a satisfying sex life. The complete Thermiva procedure includes three treatments over three months.

The complete series of three ThermiVa treatments start at $3,000 and can last up to two or more years.

Coral Medical Health Spa is located at 14000 Provincial Road. For more information call 519-969-1554 or visit online.

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