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Living And Dying In The Green Ghetto

(CHATHAM, ON) – It’s not easy being green. Mitchell Hosowich found that out the hard way after his farm, his animals, and his grow op wound up at the center of a DEA investigation in a rural area of urban Detroit. The Green Ghetto is the latest offering from Arthur Ellis Award finalist Vern Smith.

Hosowich tries to live a low key drug dealing life in post 9/11 Michigan. Peddling homegrown weed from a farm located in a desolate area of Detroit, he gets along in life by being kind to animals, strippers, and those who are kind in return.

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His spread is located in a section of Motown which once saw better days and is now unofficially referred to as the green ghetto. Deindustrialization and depopulation followed the riots of ‘67 and the Green Ghetto was allowed to revert to an empty, dark, and undesirable expanse. Perfect for growing weed away from prying eyes.

When his crop of dope goes missing Mitchell is left with a pair of dead DEA agents, a wounded cow, and a dead dog. Instead of waiting for the full force of a pending investigation to descend upon him, Mitchell makes for the border with Canada hot on the trail of a First Nations exotic dancer who’s stolen his pot and left him for dead.

Assorted hijinks and impersonating a federal agent ensue in Chatham-Kent locales en route to a tense showdown.

Vern Smith is an Arthur Ellis Award finalist and veteran of four newspapers and three magazines. His non-fiction has been featured in the Detroit Free Press, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Sun, and Quill and Quire. The Windsor native now calls the Chicago suburbs home.

Vern Smith.

The Green Ghetto, available February 15 from Run Amok Books, answers all the burning questions: how thick did he border become post 9/11, do deer roam Detroit streets, and does African Violet mix really help with your weed cultivation? Smith embarks on a book launch tour on February 15 with stops in Windsor at Windsor Public Library on March 20 and at the Barrel House on March 21.

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