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Kingston To Unveil Hip Stone

(KINGSTON, ON) – On August 20, 2016, more than 25,000 people filled Kingston’s Springer Market Square to attend a public screening of the live broadcast of the Tragically Hip’s concert, an event which put Kingston in the nation’s spotlight. This Thursday, as part of Feb Fest opening ceremonies, Kingston mayor Bryan Paterson will unveil a stone to commemorate the occasion.

Along with the unveiling of the stone will be an outdoor screening of a five-minute video documenting the historic event. After the unveiling, residents can skate along to Tragically Hip tunes on the outdoor rink in the Square.

The CBC’s live broadcast of the Tragically Hip concert brought 11.7 million viewers together to celebrate the Kingston-based band and its members Rob Baker, Johnny Fay, Paul Langlois, Gord Sinclair, and front man Gord Downie, who is living with terminal brain cancer.

The stone contains The Hip’s lyric Everybody was in it from miles around… from their song Blow at High Dough, which was chosen by the public in an online survey which drew more than 11,000 votes from across Canada.

Feb Fest, from February 2 through 5, is organized annually by Downtown Kingston.

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