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Flu Causing Overcrowding At WRH

(WINDSOR, ON) – Two days after Windsor Regional Hospital declared an outbreak of the flu, the Health Unit confirmed the area’s first death due to the virus. Influenza is also being blamed for overcrowding at both campuses of WRH.

Hospital CEO David Musyj is recommending that residents abstain from visiting the emergency rooms at both the Ouellette and Met campuses and suggests to may be quite some time before the situation returns to normal.

Nether site has any available beds after admitting an influx of patients with more crowding the waiting rooms. WRH reports being at over capacity downtown and at the Tecumseh Road location. Musyj suggests visiting a community clinic rather than presenting at one of the campuses unless it is an emergency.

“The province is bracing for a challenging flu season,” Dr Wajid Ahmed, the acting Medical Officer of Health, said in a release in November. “The percentage of laboratory tests positive for influenza remains higher for this time of year compared to previous seasons.”

A large number of long term care homes have reported flu cases in addition to Windsor Regional Hospital, including the city-owned Huron Lodge.

Six people in Windsor and Essex County died from the flu last season.

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    RJ Potomski says

    With the aging population, the growing problems from the flu and eliminating the number of hospital beds, how are we going to handle a flu outbreak in the future. Now, as in the past, one hospital can be quarantined because of a infectious disease outbreak while the other hospital services patients.
    Having only one small hospital leaves us with no hospital if it is shut down for any reason.
    What are we to do?
    You just need to look at the ambulances waiting with patients at the hospitals when we went from four hospitals to two.
    What are we to do?
    I hope nobody dies waiting to be seen at a the one small hospital. I guess that’s one way to lower our health costs.

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