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A Hip Choice To Make

(KINGSTON, ON) – Following suggestions from the public, Kingston City Council has decided to have a commemorative stone in Springer Market Square to commemorate the historic live stream of The Tragically Hip’s August 20 concert.

Vote for one of two lyric options from iconic Hip songs which you’d like to see engraved in stone. The city has consulted the band for their support of both of these options and now Kingston wants to hear from you.

The options are, “… everybody was in it from miles around…” from Blow at High Dough or, “We danced the sidewalk clean …” from New Orleans is Sinking.

Along with the chosen lyric will be the words The Tragically Hip, A National Celebration, August 20, 2016.

The two-question survey closes end-of-day October 12.

To vote for your choice, go online or call 613-546-0000, the City’s customer service line, Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

The stone and a new page in the Kingston Remembers history flipbook will commemorate the night more than 25,000 people gathered in The Square to view a live-streaming of the final show in the recent tour of The Tragically Hip, Kingston’s cherished hometown band.

All Canada joined Kingston in celebrating the band.

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