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BEHOLD Cosmogyral’s Debut Release

Florida-based metal band Cosmogryal's inaugural release, BEHOLD, has a sound that will get you moving.<br>Photo courtesy of Comogryal.
Florida-based metal band Cosmogryal’s inaugural release, BEHOLD, has a sound that will get you moving.
Photo courtesy of Comogryal.

(TORONTO, ON) – While Cosmogyral originally came together in 2014, the Fort Lauderdale, FL, -based band forwent the traditional route of playing gigs until they had a formal album to offer. Four years later, the wait has proven worthwhile in the form of BEHOLD, available now.

Cosmogyral is a five-piece metal band featuring speed and melody that has drawn comparisons to groups such as At the Gates, Amon Amarth, Death, and Iron Maiden. Cosmogyral has a sound that will get you moving.

Not seeking to be the heaviest, the loudest, or even the most complex, their strategy is simple: they write the music they want to hear. Planting melodies deep within the subconscious until you find yourself humming along without even realizing it.

As far as debut releases go, BEHOLD lives up to its name. With 12 tracks totalling more than 60 solid minutes of high-energy, groove-oriented, metal material, BEHOLD deftly showcases the band’s melodic prowess.

“The definition of ‘behold’ is to “look upon” or to “take notice”, and this is precisely what we sought to accomplish with this album,” said guitarist Dee Mulligan. Alongside bandmates Eric Estrada (guitars), Sean Adams (vocals), Erik Lissabet (bass), and Rafael Lamardo (drums), the band focuses lyrically on solutions opposed to problems, and guidance through ancient wisdom.

“As a band, we strive for cohesion; both lyrically and musically,” added Adams. “We take this obligation quite seriously. Our motto is ‘all killer, no filler.’”

So teeming with material are Cosmogyral’s songs that new single “Time/Set This World Alight” is counted amongst the band as two songs.

“This was one of the last songs written before recording the album,” Adams continued about the lyrically complex double track. “It’s about ‘time’ itself, as well as our experience within it, and with the intertwinement of both our spiritual and physical existence on Earth.

“Part one, ‘Time,’ is about the nature of time and relativity. Anyone and everyone has a perspective of the universe, (and it) can and will be observed uniquely. We are all slaves to time … Part two, ‘Set This World Alight,’ is about spiritual alchemy,” Adams explained. “Turning the imperfect man, lead, into the enlightened being, gold.”

BEHOLD is available now on iTunes and Amazon.

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