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Andrea Ricci Weathers the Storm

It’s not every day an artist embodies such singularity with the very song they’re releasing, but Canadian singer/songwriter Andrea Ricci is doing just that with “Storm” — available now.

“The song describes that way of holding back the way you feel about someone out of fear of his or her reaction,” the Montreal-based indie alt. pop rocker muses. “I used the concept of a storm as a metaphor because, once you express your feelings towards someone, it can either cause destruction or be the start of something beautiful.”

For Ricci, the song and video very much symbolizes the latter. In each form, “Storm” stands tall, showcasing an impressive emerging act through rolling fields and dreamy, as-if-you-were-there imagery.

“The concept was to parallel the simplicity and purity of the song,” she details on the video’s concept. “Being by myself, with nature surrounding me, it represents the natural and common emotions expressed through the lyrics.”

Not unlike the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s, Ricci’s voice boasts a magnetic retro glint that holds its own amongst today’s trend: an inimitable style, velvety smooth, and with the perfect hint of rough-edged distressing.

It’s an innate talent transferred; Ricci’s grandfather was an Opera singer who performed alongside Luciano Pavarotti.

With a love for music fostered from a young age, the now-21-year old started writing songs in her teens. Her efforts caught the ear of JUNO Award-winning musician and producer Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks), and the pair recorded her first demo off the floor, all in one take.

Between her ability to never miss a note and masterful storytelling through song, the demo created enough buzz that GRAMMY Award-nominated musician and producer Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen) came aboard, recording two songs for her forthcoming EP.

“As an artist, I use songwriting as a melodic diary for my everyday life,” Ricci says. “I am constantly keeping track of my thoughts and emotions, turning them into words. It seems lyrics can sometimes come out as abstract or ambiguous, but this allows listeners to draw their own meanings.”

Ricci considers how her art form connects her with the audience on such a mutual and deeply personal level.

“My lyrics are very honest, and reflect who I am, so we’re forming an organic relationship in that process.”

“Storm” is available now.

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