Thu. Jan 17th, 2019

Dona Matilde Knocks it out of the Park

2016 was declared a Vintage Port Year. This means an exceptional year for Port.

While on my last day in Portugal on my Dão wine tour the folks from Dona Matilde were kind enough to ship a bottle to my hotel in Porto. Several journalists joined in to a private tasting in my mini hotel room at the Casa da Musica Hotel which sadly had no proper wine glasses. Despite this handicap the consensus was Dona Matilde knocked it out of the park with its 2016 Vintage Port.

These guys are not huge multinational conglomerates but a smaller family run operation with a Quinta (estate) just at the outskirts of Regua in the Douro. They may not be huge but as for quality they are always right on! Their 2011 Vintage Port was exceptional and I have several bottles slowly maturing for the next generation. They will be at their peak when I am in the afterlife.

Forgetting about the afterlife the 2016 is very dark black cherry somewhat like a tornado ready to hit your senses. Ultra rich decadent aromas of black cherry, raisins, fruit cake, black plum and blueberry pie.

On the palate chunky and rich full of blackberry, blueberry and a tiny wisp of licorice. An ultra rich finish with surprisingly mild tannins with good acidity and a Babe Ruth long finish.

I feel guilty drinking this baby of a Vintage Port. It will be in its prime in 2035 and I am not sure I will be around to enjoy it. This is the secret misery of Vintage Port!

Well done Dona Matilde!

This is currently being shipped to Ontario and most likely will be available on line only at a price that might be $68.25. If you are a Porthead Boomer buy a case for your children. Keep your eyes peeled. The Square is ahead of the game on this one. I would give it a 94/100.


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