Thu. Jan 17th, 2019

Constantin Brancusi at MOMA

Bird in Space: Photo Robert K. Stephen
Fish: Photo Robert K. Stephen

Brancusi lived from 1876-1957 and fist exhibited in New York with Matisse and Picasso in 1913. The magazine Vanity Fair described Brancusi’s works as “disturbing, so disturbing indeed that they completely altered the attitude of a great many New Yorkers towards a whole branch of art”.

Romanian by birth he moved to Paris in 1904 where he chose to make his sculpture by carving both wood and stone instead of the more widespread modelling clay and casting it in bronze.

Blonde Negress: Photo Robert K. Stephen

The exhibit is relatively small and comprises 11 sculptures and demonstrate his approach to materials such as bronze stone and wood. The bases for his statutes were also considered unique.

(Constantin Brancusi Sculpture, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Closes February 18, 2019)


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