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Maestro Drops New Beats

(TORONTO, ON) - Bad report card? Better avoid Maestro Fresh Wes. So goes the tale woven in the iconic Canadian music legend’s latest video, “Waste Yute” available now. A hometown hero through and through, the term is derived from

The Planets Guide Marcus Haran

Marcus Haran has released A True Story: A Soundscape To In-Difference, available now via Toronto-based music company, The Commission Entertainment Corp. The 10-track conceptual album stands as Haran’s debut EP, and is a real, raw,

Who Is Fatal Switch

Call it foreshadowing. Canadian metal rap rockers Fatal Switch are serving indelible insight on what’s to come from them thanks to their new single “Who We Are”, available now.The boundary-pushing band liken themselves as a response to a

Andrea Ricci Weathers the Storm

It’s not every day an artist embodies such singularity with the very song they’re releasing, but Canadian singer/songwriter Andrea Ricci is doing just that with “Storm” — available now. “The song describes that way of holding back

Matt Andersen Is Halfway Home

Award-winning Canadian soul-bluesman Matt Andersen today announces the forthcoming release of Halfway Home by Morning (True North Records) — available worldwide Friday, March 22nd, 2019. Unbridled joy springs eternal from Halfway

Mini Pops Kids At Chatham Capitol

(CHATHAM, ON) - From the 80s to now, the MINI POPS KIDS have been entertaining global audiences for decades with their family-friendly spins on the world’s most popular songs. And, for the past 15 years, the MINI POP KIDS have been

HRO Deeply Devoted To Wheeler

(TORONTO, ON) - Kenny Wheeler: Suite for Hard Rubber Orchestra represents the final large work by the famed Canadian jazz composer and features Wheeler’s long-time friend and vocal collaborator, Norma Winstone, performing with Vancouver’s…

The Kings Reveal New Two-Fer Single

(TORONTO, ON) - Adding to their fan-loving tradition of vlogging their travels, The Kings’ newest video, a behind-the-scenes view of their recent trip to Nashville, reveals exciting new details on what’s coming up for the rockers.…

BEHOLD Cosmogyral’s Debut Release

(TORONTO, ON) - While Cosmogyral originally came together in 2014, the Fort Lauderdale, FL, -based band forwent the traditional route of playing gigs until they had a formal album to offer. Four years later, the wait has proven worthwhile…

Overflowing With Positivity

(TORONTO, ON) - The power of positivity meets artistry in James Flow and his new single “No Time” off this year’s EP, OverFlow. “I was fed up with all the negative and toxic things in my life,” Flow recalled on the six-track May 2018…

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